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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

PC185549 August 28, 2005

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by the time most of you read this, it will be monday, and my father’s 51st birthday. happy birthday, dad! dad has never hesitated to spend lazy weekend mornings with us, as the photographic evidence shows. some of my favorite times with him as i was growing up were our hardee’s dates on saturday mornings – i would get cinnamon rasin biscuits, and we would both read the chicago tribune. i think i got my love of reading from him, and he first introduced me to public radio, among other things. when my brother and i had an 8:30 bedtime, we could usually get him to let us stay up the extra half hour to finish watching the a-team or macgyver. dad has always unconditionally supported matthew (my brother) and i, giving us room to make our own decisions and letting us know that he is always there when we’re in a pinch. dad is also one of the most giving people i know, both of his time and money, to things that he believes are important. dad taught me to love God with my mind and my actions more than my words. i know he thinks i border on being a communist at times, and he wanted me to become an optometrist instead of a social worker, but as long as we avoid in-depth political debates, it’s all good.

i love you, dad! happy birthday!


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  1. Anonymous Says:


    I am humbled by your comments. I love you.


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