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112301102684918131 August 2, 2005

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my tire and wheel broke off of my car yesterday on the highway. seriously. i am fine, the lady whose car the tire hit is fine. see daniel’s blog for more info. suffice it to say, it was a long evening, and i don’t really want to rehash it – except to say that daniel was absolutely amazing and patient, and took excellent care of me. i’m one of the lucky ones!

the grad school group interview today seemed to go well. i should get a letter informing me of my nonacceptance within 1-2 weeks. that’s great, except that classes start on august 22, so the timing is cutting it close. i’m just hoping to get an answer before the plane leaves for mexico.

this evening i get my $10 massage, and then get to hang out with my church family. it’s good to have a haven in this chaos.

oh, and we’re getting home internet access, so look for more frequent posting – maybe i’ll actually be able to call myself a blogger again!


4 Responses to “112301102684918131”

  1. arose Says:

    i’m glad you’re okay, amy love.

    i’m listening to the new sufjan stevens right now and thinking about how great it’ll be when we’re a couple.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    amy…so doubtful you are about being accepted to grad school! what’s up with that? you’re sharp, girlfried!

    maybe when you’re back from mexico we can hang out?

    don’t forget your sunscreen!

    Bekah =)

  3. Have you heard back about your grad school application yet? Would you go full-time? Give us the scoop 🙂

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