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111915015365407674 June 18, 2005

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it’s saturday night, and for the first time in a long time, i have an internet connection in a quiet place. sorry for the long silence. if you’ve been reading daniel’s blog, you know that our life has been a bit up and down lately. but still, it is good.

things of note on this late saturday night:

1. i’ve been reading the book “white teeth” lately. it’s the story of two families in england, one of which is from bangladesh. it’s keeping my attention pretty well. i would recommend it.

2. justin, our “little brother,” graduated from high school this weekend after a kind of crazy year. i’m really proud of him.

3. my good friends from my hometown are all in chicago this weekend for a reunion. we stayed here for a wedding. i miss them.

4. our good friends from here went to the latino festival with us tonight. i have never seen so many people packed into a street in columbus as that. que bueno!

5. i’m really ready to take a road trip. any ideas? if you could be anywhere else right now, where would it be?


7 Responses to “111915015365407674”

  1. blinn Says:

    i want to go to Yellowsprings, Ohio soon. you and dan want to go with me? -matt

  2. Oonzerton Says:

    I’ve been writing a story since the month began about a couple of New Englanders who are taking a literary road trip of sorts along the east coast. reading about the various places that I have them visit and seeing images of a gorgeous part of America I have so little explored makes me wish I could take the same driving tour I’ve cast them on.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Amy: How about a trip to Florida?

  4. Josh Frank Says:

    Road trip? I’d be in Chicago; a second (and equal choice) would be the Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins, Estes Park area in Colorado.

  5. njc Says:

    i’d be in bed. and if you saw how long our hallway is, you’d know it qualifies for a roadtrip.

    missed you in the windy city.

  6. Portland, Oregon? We recommend flying though!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    pittsburg to go to IKEA! i’d like to make a trip there soon. want to go?

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