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110719976812347931 January 31, 2005

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we’re finally home.

first, a HUGE thank you to leigh, jim, kelli, blinn, tawd, sharon, fez, and josh for helping us to move into our new house. it went far smoother than it would have alone. this entire weekend has overwhelmed me with what an incredible community we’re a part of here.

my coworkers just left after lunch. we’ve been here just a weekend, and have already had guests every day. tonight, an entire seven-piece band is spending the night on their way to new york. i love having a house full of people and music! daniel and i both feel like this house was just waiting for us. sure, there are a few rooms to paint, but this is already our home. now, if only we can get everything unpacked by the end of the week…

i have the day off today. (sort of – i only have two quick home visits this afternoon.) i love my job, but today is making me feel like it’s going to be really, really nice to stay home for good some day. (or for a few years, anyway.)

the only thing that’s close to being missing is internet access, so that will likely mean less blogging for awhile. but at least there’s a panera with wireless a short drive away.

finally, a slightly belated birthday to my sister nathalie coeller, who is in the process of becoming the best doctor in the world. i can’t even begin to express how proud of her i am – and how proud i would be even if she wasn’t so smart. i love you, nathalie!


2 Responses to “110719976812347931”

  1. Anonymous Says:


    Glad to hear the move went well. Call me when you get a second and we’ll catch up.


  2. Anonymous Says:

    glad to help! your new place is wonderful – i think you’ll both find much happiness there –


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