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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

110614116423684415 January 19, 2005

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“Since when did believing in God and having moral values make you pro-war, pro-rich, and pro-Republican? And since when did promoting and pursuing a progressive social agenda with a concern for economic security, health care, and educational opportunity mean you had to put faith in God aside?”

“The Left mocks the Right. The Right knows it’s right. Two ugly traits. How far should we go to try to understand each other’s point of view? Maybe the distance grace covered on the cross is a clue.” -Bono

this looks like a book that is worth the cost and time to read. thanks to deb for pointing it out. jim wallis, the author, will be on fresh air today, and here is a review on slate.

in light of preparing for the most expensive inauguration ever (despite the fact that our country is at war), it looks to be a refreshing change from all of the other “faith and politics” rhetoric we’ve been hearing…

happy reading!


2 Responses to “110614116423684415”

  1. df Says:

    i love it!
    i coulden’t agree more.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    you quoted Bono. tee-hee :o)

    [miss leigh]

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