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110589505545657911 January 16, 2005

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we just got the official word that we can move into the house on saturday, january 29. the current residents are going to try to give us a couple extra days before then, but saturday will be our primary moving day, and sunday unpacking, if anyone would like to join us – we’ll feed and water you!

in other news, the snow is back, and it’s all fluffy and pretty and non-icy. blaze loved running around in it and smelling everything. for those of you who like to learn, this is a really interesting fresh air interview with a woman who has autism and is an animal behaviorist. she talks about the similarities between animal behavior and autism, and it’s pretty fascinating.

daniel and i finally bought our very own gaming system last night. yes, we now possess an atari classic console. he wanted an x-box, but then we got to target and realized that that 20 games from the 80s that come with atari would probably be more fun for both of us, and it was only $20 after using a $20 gift card.

last night daniel was super-husband, and whipped up some homemade eggrolls for dinner. hooplah! we were inspired by sharon, who made some for us earlier this week. yum. i love that my husband likes to try cooking!

time for brunch!


2 Responses to “110589505545657911”

  1. I’m so glad you have a move-in date and I wish we lived close enough to help! I am looking around our house this weekend thinking “we’ve lived here two months and it is STILL a mess”. I know that making it “home” always takes a while. I hope you and Daniel are either more patient than Nate and I or else work a lot faster at fixing up, unpacking and nesting.


    P.S. My NPR pet-peeve is this, and only this: I miss a great story like Temple Grandin talking on Fresh Air because of my job (working with kids with autism, no less), but I can’t just go to the website and skim the script of the interview. Instead I would have to actually sit still and listen to the whole dang thing. (wow I really am impatient today!)

  2. cris Says:

    That was a cool interview. Caught it today on our NPR station. Left me a lot to think about the rest of the day regarding awareness, perception, and even how we think. And–hi Amy. Great to peek into your life again.

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