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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

110539977890125743 January 10, 2005

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time to breathe. whew.

daniel just went to sell a couple of our movies and the thai chicken curry is simmering. our living room is stacked with boxes waiting to go to the new house. i’m determined to make this my most organized, efficient move ever. i think we may even be renting an actual moving truck. ahh…so much easier than calling everyone we know who has a pickup…as for the move, i’m just excited to get settled in and know that we most likely won’t have to move all of our possessions again for years. at the same time, there’s still that yearning to live overseas. anyone want to rent a huge house in ohio in a few years? we’ll live the big furniture there for you!

that curry is really starting to smell good.

this past weekend was refreshing. daniel gave me enough alone time to finish up the epic “flesh and blood” (loaned to me by the lovely leigh) and devour douglas coupland’s latest novel, “eleanor rigby,” which is the happiest book about loneliness that i’ve ever read. sometimes i think douglas coupland secretly believes in jesus.

reading is good for my soul. when i make the time to lose myself in a good novel, my brain feels more alive, and i think i’m a nicer person to be around…

i hear daniel’s muffler in the parking lot. dinner time!


2 Responses to “110539977890125743”

  1. amy.. i’m almost positive that he is some form of practicing christian. I recently read girlfriend in a comma and really enjoyed it.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    oh, amy j….let’s live together and read novels and eat thai food and skip the country on occasion. i just got all warm and cozy thinking about it.

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