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110428905601345912 December 28, 2004

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here is a powerful investigative article about sexual abuse in amish families. it’s not an easy topic to read about, but i think it needs to be heard. sexual abuse is one of my passions, and it’s found in every kind of family…


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    From Karen’s Verbatim blog:
    “Our school system presents an excellent program to help children avoid assault and abduction. Most parents’ #1 fear is that their child will be abducted by a stranger. Statistically, this happens so infrequently that the numbers are almost negligible. (In 1999, 115 children were abducted by strangers.) When it does happen, it makes front-page news because it’s such an unimaginably horrific crime. But what parents don’t worry about enough is molestation by people their kids know, either relatives or neighbors or friends or babysitters or teachers. In 2000, 879,000 children were victims of neglect or abuse. And known perpetrators account for nearly 90% of all sexual molestation of kids…”
    From: Leigh

  2. Oonzerton Says:

    How very tragic and horrible. you’re right–it’s very difficult to read and it’s made more difficult in that there is probably very little one can do.

    I used to live in Mercer, Pennsylvania, which is about twenty minutes from New Wilmington, where some of the families written about lived. through my teen years, I remember staring out the window as we drove through that Amish country, curious about the people that lived there. it is horrible to know that this tragedy could have been happening behind the very turquoise front doors that I admired.

    if nothing else, from this article, I have learned that at the very least, quiet, innocent homes may not be so quiet and innocent as I should like to believe. I have recently renewed my habit of walking through my neighborhood and as I walk, I try to pray. now, I can be more specific as I pray…

    thanks for sharing, for helping us become more aware.

    –lynz harnish

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