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109710326983327429 October 6, 2004

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so. i’m back, for those of you who are still listening…of course, i know most of my family uses my blog to get to daniel’s, so at least a few people are checking in now and again…

september was a bit out of control. it seems we had to go out of town every weekend, and had things to do most evenings. so we’ve officially made october our slow down and hang out month – few obligations, no crazy travel. it’s nice to have time to cook dinner. and to write. my biggest blogging problem, however, is the fact that we don’t have internet at home, and i have no time to write at work anymore. but right now i’m at our local library, which has great, fast wireless access. hooplah!

i like being married. some days i like it more than i expected to. others, i realize that my life will never be just my very own again. that can be tough for an independent girl like me. but i’m mostly enjoying getting used to it. daniel is good at being kind and creative and fun – and when we fight, we usually end up laughing at ourselves eventually.

a lot of you have probably seen references on his blog to our moving to the east coast. we are considering that, and we’re also considering staying here for awhile. the big thing is my going back to school. we both have good jobs here, and it would be kind of fun to have a house for a few years, save some money, and dig in even more deeply to our community here. i really can’t imagine leaving them anytime soon. of course, i also couldn’t imagine leaving my cincinnati family, but that has been an easier process than i expected. anyway, there are a lot of places and people calling out to us, but i don’t think we’re in a hurry to make rushed decisions. growing into marriage is enough for now. 😉 and, to put at ease any worries – we wouldn’t move for another year anyway – IF we do.

so. i love this crisp fall. i love putting on sweaters and having to roll down the windows in the afternoon when the sun finally heats things up. i love getting to drink things like pumpkin spice lattes. soon the eggnog will be here!

can i just say again how great our community is? i really don’t understand how i’ve been so blessed to have a strong community absolutely everywhere i’ve lived. how does one get so lucky?

also – have i ever mentioned that i’ve wanted to go to turkey ever since i was eight years old?

where have all of you wanted to go?? your turn to talk!


2 Responses to “109710326983327429”

  1. Good question. I’m going to post my answer on my blog…

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I want to live in Montana or Idaho. On lots of acreage. With horses and other animals. And NPR 24 hours a day. And a wine cellar. And a jet to bring my friends to visit me. That’s all. (-:

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