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109329165249115052 August 23, 2004

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i need a new fuel pump.

one of my best friends at work got fired today in a situation that just makes me feel ill.

i haven’t been able to really sleep for the past two nights, even though i’ve gone to bed for eight hours each night.

aargh. i think i need a cup of tension tamer tea.


2 Responses to “109329165249115052”

  1. You need a new fuel pump?

    Ugh. And I hear your car is having problems, too!

    When it rains it pours.

    I’ll pray for you and the soon-to-be Mr. Eversole-Fox.


  2. Anonymous Says:

    dear lady,
    i only hope that you are checking this down in regaee land, well when you arent smoking the green and sipping on tropical drinks…(tsk tsk)
    I have been trying ot think of a way to contact you and so i googled you thining id find an email address. instead of find your blog 🙂
    this is alyssa, your dear work friend.
    but im afraid that i have been a very bad friend as of late.
    im sure you didnt even notice with all that was going on, seeing as it was your WEDDING(!!!!!!) but i was missing.
    when i spoke to you at work i had heard “oakland, just north of lane.” and so that very day i get up get ready and head up to oakland…
    well as im searching and searching for some sort of menedite church, i ask the bums, the college kids, and everyone is like meni–what? huh? whats that? who is this stange girl with big sunglasses?
    There was obviously nothing to be found on Oakland. Finally i think to myself, what in the world? where did she send me….and it comes to me.
    oakland PARK.
    ah yes.
    further north, far far north. and i zoom off down high.
    and i am late. and scared to walk into some strange place, late. and alone. and scared.
    so i go up to oakland PARK and kinda scope it out.
    i find the church, right up there, just east of high like you said. and i scope it out more.
    i decided to kinda wait around and see if people will come out becuase by this time your little tea party was probably happening, and I thought, “now theres a time to amke an entrance, at least I will get to congratulate them, even if i did miss the whole purpose of the day.”
    But i didnt see anyone and i got scared stalking the church and so i left.
    and so you see.
    this was my day.
    and i was so sad and mad bc i had been looking forward to celerating your day with you and daniel (although I have never met him). I was sad becuase I knew if you had by some chance noticed me missing, you would wonder why I didnt come and maybe be sad or mad and wonder what kind of person i really was bc i had been telling you how excited i was to meet your friends and join in your fun and then i didnt even show up.
    I wanted to find some way to let you know that i had been trying to get there but sometimes, sometimes this is my life.
    and anyway I was thinking of you and daniel and your commitment…I wanted to apologize but also to say ocngratulations. Im so very happy for you and Daniel and I wish you all the luck.
    I cant wait til you get back and you can show me all the beautiful picutres and tell me all the stories of your honeymoon (g rated please).
    Have a safe and happy trip lil one and I will see you in a bit!
    til then….

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