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109094922799321120 July 27, 2004

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hmm…thinking about politics today. i saw bill clinton’s speech last night, and i have to say that the guy knows how to work a crowd and inspire one to work to change the world through the democratic party.

there’s this dilemma i find myself in regarding the extent to which christians should be engaged in the political process. on one hand, i believe that my primary allegiance should be to the kingdom of God, and not to america. really, i think it’s the role of the church to meet the needs of families and the poor. but the church hasn’t been able to fully do that. in the meantime, i essentially work for the government, and have worked for government-funded programs my entire career so far. and, quite frankly, my families can’t wait around for the church to meet all of their needs. my kids need medical care and food, and my families need efficient, affordable access to counseling, parenting classes, offender treatment, etc. i have a lot of relative caregivers who want to care for the children in their family, but can’t because they can’t afford to. i have kids who are stuck in limbo, going from one place to another because housing assistance has a wait of over a year. that’s too long for my families. honestly, i want a government that is going to try to do something about it. this is a big issue and i’m not trying to address all of the sides today. i just have a hard time seeing kingdom-ideals manifested in the real world sometimes…

talk back to me!


7 Responses to “109094922799321120”

  1. df Says:

    somehing about this whole idea we’ve been going over just seems too detached from reality to even debate about. maybe i’m just overwhelmed by the lack of action that the church has taken. but, really. can we really say that the church should undo all of the injustice in the world.

    maybe so. but it seems farfethed, unrealistic, and unpractical.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I think it might take the whole church, not just a fragment. Amalgamation.


  3. Anonymous Says:

    I miss having you around, Amy! I can’t wait to be in Columbus and near you…you make me think, and you make me glad that I am changing careers (having been reminded by your essay about all those things I thought I left behind)! You are right, though, about the dichotomy in your life. You, of all people will work it out! See you soon. Kate

  4. Blake Says:

    Sorry if I’m out of place here. I’m just a friend of your brother’s who reads your page and found this interesting enough to comment on.
    I’ve struggled a bit with the question myself, but I see myself as not having lived long enough to properly answer it. Was the church more giving before Roosevelt’s New Deal? Did the govenment solve a legitimate problem, or create a bigger one in the process? I don’t know… I wasn’t there.

    After showing Francis of Assisi the riches amassed by the Church, Pope Innocent III said: “You see, the Church can no longer say: ‘Gold and silver have I none'” [Acts 3:6]
    To what Francis replied: “True, and neither can she any longer say: ‘…rise and walk.'” [Acts 3:6]
    Do we lose more of our power the more we give it away?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Four responses. 🙂


    >>my kids need medical care and food, and my families need efficient, affordable access to counseling, parenting classes, offender treatment, etc.

  6. df Says:

    you should blog more so i know what you’re thinking.
    this whole engagement thing still leaves me in the dark.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    i have a short answer to this question, should christians be involved in politics? my answer is, if you so feel the calling of god to be involved in politics then yes you should be involved.
    after all amy, the very job which work is a gov’t funded project that is very much a part of the whole world of politics.

    on another note, if christian voices are not heard in the world of politics, the chances for degredation of love as we know it stands to suffer greatly.

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