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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

108325275361462332 April 29, 2004

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for some reason, thursdays have always been my favorite day. i think it started in junior high – the cafeteria had a taco and burrito bar every thursday, and then i got to go home and watch the cosby show at night. hooplah!

this thursday night, i’m taking an evening for myself – it’s been an intense, full week, and i can’t wait to just read and play with blaze and rest…then, tomorrow morning, daniel and i jet to florida. yay for grandmothers who buy plane tickets! (THANK YOU, daniel’s grandmother, if you’re reading this!)

yesterday was full…i witnessed a motorcycle accident, which was crazy and made me worry about my brother and daniel ever being on a bike. i had a couple of good home visits, then went to church – which was intense and good and made me love my new community even more. also, i left feeling a deepened desire to really share my lives with these people outside of wednesday nights. at the same time, while i was sitting in our gathering, i found myself missing my cincinnati church like crazy. if only all of the cool people in the world could be in one city…or at least all of the people i love. of course, then road trips wouldn’t be nearly as fun or cheap…

hm. i need a question of the day. hey, how about all of YOU come up with a question??


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