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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

108264348415857876 April 22, 2004

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we’re not in kansas anymore
did you know that approximately 18,000-20,000 people are trafficked into the u.s. every year for the purpose of forced labor or sexual exploitation? human trafficking is something that i get passionate about, and something that i don’t do enough about. well, now the u.s. government is trying to do something. educate yourself today:

rescue and restore campaign

“in plain sight” (a really interesting, easy-to-read guide on identifying trafficking victims in the u.s.)

i love seminary!
last night after church, i got to meet with my advisor, palmer. (it seems so official to have an advisor!) he graciously loaned me a stack of books on the radical reformation. i got started a bit last night on “the anabaptist story”…i really want to take these things seriously. i do too many things just well enough to get by. but this is important. and i love that palmer and the other underground seminary faculty/advisors expect great things from us – like original thought. and all in a little side room at the coffeehouse. hooplah!

it’s like learning to talk all over again…
being in a committed relationship really puts a whole new spin on communication. i’ve always lived under the impression that i’m really good at openly sharing what i’m thinking/feeling. but really, i’m finding that i’m not so great at it. daniel and i have been learning how to deal with our different communication styles – he likes to process things in the midst of it. i like to have some time and space to figure out what i really think or feel before i’m ready to say it out loud. it seems to be a common conflict with couples… but daniel fox rocks!

back to work…


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