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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

108256161012687836 April 21, 2004

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finally! i’ve been trying to access blogger for the past week it seems, and have been having a lot of problems. i was actually setting up a livejournal blog when i decided to try one last time – and i got on in mere seconds!

so. new city, new community, new job. the transition has been a strain for daniel and i. but outside of the two of us, it’s been surprisingly smooth. the landing place is full of honest, weloming people, as is my new place of employment. i’ve started a weekly class on the historical jesus at the underground seminary. i think i’m going to love the challenge of being in an academic setting again, and exploring my faith from an intellectual standpoint. and it will be a challenge – discipline in my time is not always a strong point…but now there will be ten other people expecting me to finish my reading and write my papers. i’m really excited about my largest project for the class, which will be (most likely) a larger paper on the historical jesus and the radical reformation. the radical reformation began the anabaptist movement, which is close to my heart, since i’m a mennonite girl. it makes sense to me – just as it’s important to understand the historical context in which christ lived, i want to understand more of the historical context that started my culture and key elements of the faith in which i was raised….

ok. now that this is working, you should be hearing more from me. until then, i have some work to do…

peace, dear ones!


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