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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

108180650992025501 April 12, 2004

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it’s been awhile. really, i am still committed to blogging! most of my recent energy and time have been invested in settling into a new home, city and job – and i still need a monitor for my injured computer, so i’m depending on the kindness of others to have internet access.

it’s rainy today. rainy and dreary. i spent the day in orientation at the buckeye ranch, which was actually pretty interesting. my favorite part was the hiv/aids training given by a greek woman who reminded me of my friend alice, public health educator extrordinaire.

columbus is being kind to me. i’m starting to recognize roads, and will more so as i progress in my job. my job is going to excellent, i believe. the agency seems to be much more organized and professional than my other option, and everyone is happy and helpful. the strangest thing is the feeling that i’m in a sorority – this is the first job i’ve had in which most of my coworkers are also white, well-educated, well-dressed women in their 20s and 30s.

my basement home is still a mess. but candy and richie have been so lovely. it’s nice to come home to music and a family!

the landing place is lovely, too, as is daniel. now i’m off to see him!


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