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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

108076719164281561 March 31, 2004

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transition. i’m ready for this one to be over! the past week has been up and down – i’m so excited and confident about moving to columbus, but i’m also grieving the loss of cincinnati…last night the brown house church sent me out with lots of love – so much love that i wanted to stay! but the landing place is doing a good job of welcoming me with open arms, and i can’t wait to make these new people my family.

the brown house really did a great job of blessing me last night. i was in the “hot seat,” which meant anyone could ask me any question, and then everyone prayed over daniel (who surprised me by taking the trip for the evening!) and i. then we had the richest chocolate cake i’ve had in a long time before daniel and i went over to steve and becky’s with kenny for a little cocktail hour. i love these people!

you’ll love them, too, when you make the trip to cincinnati on good friday for this which should be a pretty incredible time. be there!

i think i have a temporary solution to my computer issue. since my screen is the only thing not working, i should be able to just hook it up to the television, like when i watch a dvd, right? i can’t wait to get home and try it!

about 30 minutes left before i walk out of the brighton center and go home. it kind of feels like a weekend, and my body fully expects to walk back in on monday morning…

i will finish packing now.


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