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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

107997836807861285 March 22, 2004

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it was an interesting morning in the news during my commute. the stoic NPR news reporter apparently isn’t a basketball fan, as she referred to “the NAACP tournament,” instead of the NCAA. i’m not really a jock, either, but that made me laugh.
the cincinnati contemporary arts center got a mention as well, since zaha hadid became the first woman to win the pritzker architectural prize this week. i haven’t actually been to the CAC yet, but i used to walk by the building on a daily basis when i worked downtown, and it’s stunning when you stop to pay attention to it. (there’s even a kaldi’s in the lobby!

i think i am going to embark on a big secret writing project…hmm…

but back to architecture…being in love with a gifted designer has really opened up my awareness of how design impacts people. i still have a lot to learn. but i love being around someone who sees the world so visually. (just one of the many things i’m learning from him on a regular basis.) if you’re interested in learning more about design and the mind, give this “talk of the nation” feature a listen.

now i am going to work.


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