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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

107945949987123495 March 16, 2004

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it’s a winter wonderland again.

all of the trees in my neighborhood are covered with snow, giving that really cool, mystical kind of bright light to the streets, with all of the branches outlined. there were at least two inches of snow covering my car! there was also a six-car accident on the highway. yikes.

i need to go to the doctor this afternoon for my yearly physical (before i move and have a lapse in health insurance.) dr. colon is great! yes, colon. except he’s puerto rican, so it’s pronounced more like “cologne”…he’s the most holistic doctor i’ve ever had, and i would be willing to drive the two hours from columbus to keep seeing him. but that would be silly, so today is probably my last visit.

hmm…what deep question can i ask today?
in your opinion, does the government have responsibility to provide social services to meet the needs of the poor? if not, who does have responsibility?

go at it!


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