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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

107877112240126630 March 8, 2004

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the next few weeks appear to be shaping up to be pretty slow, at least in terms of my work days. so i’ll probably be writing lots of little notes to all of you.

just for the record – i’m not trying to stir up lots of political controversy. i’m just trying to throw a few things out there to learn what my friends and community think about life and issues.

transition – that’s such a big word when it’s happening to you. i’ve been feelign the effects of lots of transition in my self and my relationships lately. transition has a way of straining the closest relationships. and it has a way of making me become pretty self-absorbed, neglecting the people i love the most. i’m sorry.

but i was reminded this weekend that the strain of transition lasts only for a season. there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

and there is a bright light called columbus at the end of my tunnel. 😉
things continue to fall into place. i’m just waiting for my references to be completed before getting a job offer from the ohio youth advocate program, and have an interview this week with the buckeye ranch. interestingly, both positions are the exact same thing. in franklin county, ongoing case management for children’s services is contracted out to the two agencies interested in hiring me. so, i would basically be doing the same thing i did for three years at children’s services in hamilton county, but for an outside agency. yes, that was the job that burned me out – but that was more due to my depression and situation at the time. overall, i really enjoyed my first two years doing the job. i’m actually really excited at the prospect of doing it in columbus – i’m good at it, and i would be able to do all kinds of fun things-like go to court on a regular basis and hang out with my teenage foster kids, etc. so. if you are a pray-er, please pray that i would have wisdom and clarity in making career decisions in the next few weeks. i want to be in the space that God has designed for me to fill. i want to enjoy my job. i want to make the decision that is the best for daniel and i.

more later, i’m sure!


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