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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

107876241012108011 March 8, 2004

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good morning, dear ones!

so the quiz below is interesting. they also have a “what book are you?” quiz. the first time i took it, i was “one hundred years of solitude.” (i liked that.) then i retook it, changing my answer to the question “do you like oprah wnifrey?” and i was the book “lolita”…(kinda creepy)


the weekend turned out to be quite lovely. daniel was here, and some good time spent soaking up the wisdom of tracy and kevin proved to be a huge blessing and reassurance of the fact that even though marriage and commitment can be difficult (as everyone keeps warning and warning us), it’s also a lot of fun! kevin and tracy are a really encouraging, living example of a husband and wife who simply enjoy each other every day, for eleven years and counting. our time with them was short, but really shifted my thinking a bit, and allowed me to take some pressure off of myself. hooplah! love is a true joy! (especially when you’re blessed enough to love a man like daniel fox!)

oh yes, kevin and tracy are also very generous, and i’m having a lot of fun driving their jeep around today while my car is getting finished. thanks, rains family! (and it made me really happy to find bob dylan in the cd player when i turned it on.)

another highlight of the weekend was having delicious black beans and rice with shaina and douglas. the horners are two people who make it very easy to be authentic and real and just say how you feel. shaina also prays with authority and the Spirit, and that’s just cool!

we saw “the fog of war” on saturday night. it was informative – i feel like i learned a lot about a significant era in contemporary history. the interesting thing to me is how open robert s. mcnamara appeared to be until he was really pushed to answer the hard questions that required a moral statement, or how the war affected him personally…

back to work now!


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