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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

107855404119913368 March 6, 2004

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it’s the wee hours of the night, and i should be asleep. but i wanted to write a little something. there are mostly good details to report – i now have a place to live in columbus – candy and richie are making room for me AND blaze(!) in their basement. i’m actually pretty excited. i just met candy on thursday, and i like her very much! (i already liked richie, and i love adopting little brothers…) also on thursday, i had a job interview that went well, and was told that i’ll get a formal offer as soon as my references clear. it’s a job i think i’ll like, and would also be the best-paying job i’ve ever had. (that’s for mom and dad’s benefit.)

in other news….politics can get heated! i am currently refraining from adding too much to the comments that people have been leaving. (too sleepy to be coherent, and i really am not sure what i think about voting. i do lean towards the idea that it’s good to be involved in political issues at the local level, like schools, etc.) i have, however, been thinking about whether or not gay marriage should be legal. i think it should. don’t get too worked up, though, if you’re one of my more conservative friends. i’m not sure that i can say i believe same-sex couples can be married in the eyes of God. i do think they should be able to be married in the eyes of the state, for the sake of civil rights…oh dear. i’m just going to get in trouble on both ends, aren’t i? thoughts, anyone?

i must sleep now.


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