joyful girl

we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

107825445762463295 March 2, 2004

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i officially turned in my letter of resignation to the brighton center today. let the adventure begin!

this week and next will still be relatively busy and stressful at work, but then i’ll be gliding for the last two weeks in march as i close out my remaining cases. that will give me time to look for a job. i do have an interview this thursday in columbus for a case managment position that looks like it would fit me pretty well. prayers are appreciated.

hmm…it’s been awhile since i’ve asked a question that has caused a flurry of comments….let’s see. i know that if i ask something provocative, at least ang and jeni will have something to say! so, here’s the big question of the day:

what do you feel is the believer’s role in politics? should christians vote, since we are “citizens of the heavenly kingdom” and not the earthly?


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