joyful girl

we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

107712990277104728 February 18, 2004

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by the way, i added a few new people to the sidebar. i also thought that i nicely divided the links into little subgroups so that they are easier to look at, but i guess that didn’t work. oh well. have fun meeting my friends!

the potluck is over. we discussed a news story in which the reporters stopped people and asked them to identify the faces of the current democratic presidential candidates. everyone was shocked that very few people could do it. but i realized that, because i get most of my news from public radio, i really don’t know what most of the candidates look like, even though i know who i like and what they stand for.

my dad has a theory that time magazine is going to expose a huge john kerry scandal, and then howard dean will take the nomination. my boss’ husband has a theory that hilary clinton is going to stand up at the democratic convention and announce her intention to run, blowing the other candidates out of the water in the process.

i love theories!


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