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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

107704333008372034 February 17, 2004

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it’s been a few days, and there is so much to say. the three-day weekend in columbus was intense and lovely, and served to solidify my relationship with daniel even more.

i’ve decided to move to columbus, effective april 1. yikes! there’s a lot to do between now and then, but it seems to be the natural progression in daniel’s and my life together. columbus also seems to be where we are actually already building a joint life and community. funny – even before i met daniel, i told my parents, “i don’t think i’ll leave cincinnati anytime soon, but if i do, it will be for columbus.” the thing is, there has never been anything about columbus to attract me, but it seems that God was starting to turn my heart towards that city – i thought it might just be because the bells moved there, but it seems there is more in columbus for me!

my day has been turned upside-down. i had a full day of home visits scheduled, but then my car decided it needed to be seen by the mechanic. so i dropped it off around lunch time, took two buses to get home, and now i’m going to be catching up on paperwork at home. riding the bus always puts my daily life into a bit of perspective…

ok. i have work to do. read mike burkett’s new blog!


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