joyful girl

we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

107644956615025425 February 10, 2004

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it’s tuesday, fast becoming one of my favorite days. today started a bit cloudy, but has gotten continually sweeter. i’m on this constant path of yearning to know what it means to live “in the Spirit,” in every moment – learning to see the world and everything and one in it with his eyes. i feel like i tasted some of that solid, real spirit-food today.

i re-read my journal from india last night, and was struck by the fact that i’ve come full circle in many ways recently – back to that place of deep spiritual hunger and of clarifying my calling and passions in life. it seems like there was a gap after i returned to the u.s., but the gap is being erased and replaced with the same desires to really know God and to reflect God. now i’m on the brink of some other pretty significant transition in my life, and it only makes sense to pick up the story in the same journal…

i visited reality tuesday today. all of their coffee is fair-trade, which made me happy because it served to break some of my stereotypes about cheesy christian coffeehouses.

i must work now.


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