joyful girl

we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

107607871155804732 February 6, 2004

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good morning!

jeni smith has a new blog. she’s smart and funny and honest. think along the lines of anne lamott. she’s also married to chris. i love the smiths! (as in chris and jeni smith. but i also very much enjoy the band the smiths.)

do you ever feel like your brain is just too full to blog?

i’ve been thinking about confession lately, and the necessity of it. i have kept a lot of secrets in my life, especially during my prodigal time, and they are toxic. but it’s so liberating to just shout it all out. (it’s also pretty darn humbling.) i want to develop the habit of confession… derek and amy have been thinking about confession, too, and it’s good stuff about how our confession makes room for God to draw near to us…

my thoughts just don’t feel like they’re flowing well today. i am going to work now.


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