joyful girl

we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

107590610242482523 February 4, 2004

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good morning, dear ones!

welcome to my scattered morning thoughts…

i’m really gaining an appreciation for my neighbors who have kept their sidewalks shoveled on a regular basis. it makes it a lot easier to walk blaze when i’m walking past the houses that don’t have a three-inch solid sheet of ice in front of them. thanks, neighbors! and i’m sorry that i don’t shovel my walk. (actually, i don’t have to because betsy the wonder-landlady does it for us.)

i have lots of energy today. for the first time in months, i actually didn’t want to stay in bed when my alarm went off at 7am. hooplah!

house church last night was energizing. the meeting itself was interesting, but my favorite part was the conversations afterward. thanks, steve and aaron for asking me good questions! also, i just want to write out loud that i’m really happy that even when discussions can get tense on tuesday nights, it’s still clear that people are talking out of love for each other.

wnku is playing zak morgan’s version of “peace train” right now. zak is the only person i’ve ever known in real life who has a grammy nomination (for best children’s album this year). so if you watch the grammys on sunday, look out for the cincinnati boy!

i seem to be using an excess of exclamation points today.

i must go now.


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