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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

107514517730312229 January 26, 2004

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been rethinking the purpose of this blog exercise over the past few days. as i’ve been re-establishing community and relationships in my life, a lot of my intellectual processing has been occuring in a real-time context, with live people. i think my blog had turned into a processing medium, but my intent in starting it was to provide a consistent forum for disciplining myself to write. so, i will be getting back to that practice again very soon…

right now, though, my brain is mushy! i spent the morning driving back from columbus (got snowed/iced in last night) without mishap, until i turned onto my very own cherry street. it took me a serious ten minutes to get from the intersection to my apartment, which is in the third house from the corner.

ANYWAY, this was another excellent weekend in columbus. i highly recommend “1000 blank cards,” especially when combined with a bit of wine and a lot of funny, creative types. (joshua drove and hour and a half in the snow to ear to eat a sock!)
chelsea is blogging again, and has updated her photos, which are so lovely, and include a few shots of daniel and i spending saturday with her and chris. let it be noted that the kays have the gift of hospitality! actually, a number of columbus folks are very gifted in opening up their homes to others. (hello, brooke and erik!) mike, sue, and justin are no expection, and are very quickly becoming family.

ok. i am going to work now. my shout-out fest should be enough to keep you busy until i can write something substantial.

oh – question of the day: has anyone ever tried to make homemade bubble tea?


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