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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

107392787699192580 January 12, 2004

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mayhem is over
and there is so much to say and not enough time in the moment. so for now, i’ll just throw out a few lists…

simple statements that grabbed my attention in a new way (all from brian maclaren unless otherwise noted:
“experiencing community can be like going to the epcot center to experience china.”
“you don’t get to decide who belongs to you.” (joe myers)
“to be missional, we must reassert that God loves the world, and never forget it.”
“conversion before love is not the gospel of Jesus.”
“part of my spiritual growth is to ensure that i get enough legitimate pleasure. otherwise, i will seek sources of illegitimate pleasure.”

relational highlights:
*starting the process of getting to know landing place people from columbus. that’s important to me, because they’re taking in tawd and sharon soon, and that means they’re becoming family. also, they are an important part of daniel’s world in columbus, which also means they’re becoming family.
*getting to meet people who write things that i love to read – chelsea, amy k., mollie, etc.
*getting to really pray for and be prayed for.
*having my Father use others to reaffirm the things he’s been planting in my heart over the past weeks.

there is much more, but this girl has a job to do now.


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