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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

107339737541896703 January 6, 2004

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baby, itís cold outside!
but the moon was hanging oh-so big and low and glowing over the skyline this morning Ė so big that it dwarfed that unnecessary stadium. itís enough to make it worth getting up before the sun every once in awhile.

iím returning to a little experiment in my car. i spend a lot of time driving for my job, and i usually listen to lots of public radio and smoke while i put my thoughts on auto-pilot. but iíve been feeling the need to rid my mind and body of clutter recently, even if the clutter is interesting and potentially beneficial. it feels like i’ve entered detox mode. i donít smoke anymore. (iíve been delivered!) so now Iím trying to use my driving times as bite-sized practices of silence, solitude and listening. that can be hard for a girl who is prone to distraction. this morning, though, it felt like the most natural thing in the world. of course, that may have been because i left for work before 7am, and silence is pretty easy if your brain is still asleep. but it was sweet and lovely anyway.

i want to make a habit of ďpracticing the presenceÖ.Ē

wow Ė i just heard that the wind chill is nine below zero. gimme some warm, warm loviní!

back to work.


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