joyful girl

we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

107281107162338593 December 30, 2003

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sometimes i really wonder what, if any, specific purpose this blog should serve. i’m tempted to stick to thoughts on theology, the world, justice, etc. but that’s only a small part of my thoughts and emotions. i wonder if people really want to know the everyday perceptions, but i read a great post today in which the writer said that she misses it when people don’t write about the daily events, thoughts and feelings – because these things, however non-lofty they might seem to us – really are an essential part of our humanity.

so. all of that is to say that i’m not going to feel guilty if i don’t have anything terribly wise to say. i want this to be a medium for realness and vulnerability. of course, then the whole issue of false intimacy comes up – am i really being vulnerable when i don’t have to look you in the eye as i speak?

that said, last night someone said to me that his perpetual prayer is for “unparalled wisdom”…that’s been floating around in my head all day, because i realized that it’s been awhile since this girl has had a perpetual prayer. so. i’m trying to figure out what that should be…i like the idea of asking for wisdom. for myself, i think the gift i would really like to have and give is the kind of relational wisdom and insight into people and love that creates a safe place for them to heal. is there a single word for that?


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