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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

107084638955244607 December 7, 2003

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happy sunday, everyone! an annonymous person posted the comment below asking if i observe the sabbath, or have any thoughts on it. i have a lot of thought about it, but it would be a bit easier to know what direction to take if i knew where the question came from…i definitely try to observe the practice of taking time to rest and be renewed. usually, that happens on a saturday or sunday. sometimes not. when it comes down to it, i’ve really been trying to incorporate “sabbath time” into most of my days. i’ve become a much more rested person than i used to be, content to just sit and be in my house. careful, though, or that rest quickly becomes a lack of motivation, which for me can often be rooted in undetected depression. i’m someone who has usually had littel problem slowing down. laziness is quick to creep in, though, if i’m not careful.

today was a good example of a sabbath day. the only times i left my apartment were to walk the dogs. i was going to go to an advent gathering, but really just wanted to put on my pajamas early and hang out with myself and the animals instead.

i’m not sure when i made the transition from over-the-top extrovert to pseudo-hermitess…

back to the person who asked about the sabbath – feel free to ask more, and i’ll do my best to share more thoughts.

on to other topics….i’ve been thinking a lot lately about mission, activism, and cincinnati. i’m hoping to dig in a little more here, and get involved with the intercommunity justice and peace center (ijpc). from what i hear, these are good people. being in toronto challenged me quite a bit in the area of social justice. it’s something i talk about a lot, but it often stops there…if anyone cares to join me in my quest to do a bit more, please do let me know!


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