joyful girl

we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

10704773748370883 December 3, 2003

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still thinking about what community is at its best…sometimes i think it’s like that new show, “starting over”…if you haven’t heard of it, a group of women live together in chicago, each with a life coach, a goal, and the support of each other to reach their goals before they can “graduate”. the makeup of the household is fluid, as each woman graduates at her own pace, but it’s really quite interesting to see how relationships form, how people learn to face their fears and walk through them, etc. having lived in community, i think a lot of the relationship issues ring true. just think of the possibilities if in our churches and communities we were truly vulnerable with each other, and honest, instead of sugarcoating truth. i think a lot of the people in my life do this, but i’m not sure that we have the level of interaction necessary to really function as a true community…what if we acted as “life coaches,” for each other, giving each other assignments that require us to do something difficult but necessary for reaching our goals? what if we were real cheerleaders and supports for each other in those assignments? what if we found ourselves in front of a “board of review,” allowing our peers to honestly tell us what they think of our progress??



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