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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

107047203069725495 December 3, 2003

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i feel like i’ve been a wheel-running gerbil the past couple of days, spinning away and getting nowhere. but today i finally have some time to catch up with my work and my self, and it is good. i’ve always been a fairly easygoing girl, taking everything in stride and getting phased by very little. but it seems like there has been so much drama lately. i’m so tired!

however, there is hope, and one of my pet peeves is self-absorption. so i move on. house church was last night. kevin had some good things to say about it, most of which i echo in my thoughts. i love my church family. sometimes i wonder how well we really know each other, though. and back to the concept of self-absorption – it sometimes seems that we’re really lacking any kind of solid outward mission to those outside of our little group. i’ve felt a bit of frustration lately. i’ve been “facilitating” our discussions, and i’m just not sure how much it is benefitting us. there have been some good conversations, but are we really learning anything, or changing our lives in any way? i do know, though, that my love for these people grows every week, and there are several who truly are family to me. and i think that we’re all headed in the same direction at a heart level.

i have been so incredibly selfish these last months. that can suck the life out of a person, eh?

let’s see…my question for everyone today is: what is something that been evidence of beauty for you today?


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