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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

106935348109468019 November 20, 2003

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i just returned from lunch with my coworkers and ben, our old supervisor. it makes me a bit sad that i didn’t get a chance to work with him for more than two weeks. anyway, ben’s new job is with the covington community center, and a lot of what he does involves buying properties for responsible development. apparently, there is a covington program that allows a person to buy a house for $1.00, then receive a loan for any necessary rehab to live in the house. as long as you live in the home, the loan is deferred, and it seems if you stay for 15 years, the loan is forgiven. wow! the houses are in the kind of neighborhoods i would like to live in, and i’ve really been thinking about buying a house sometime in the next year. the thing is, all of my church community is in norwood! anyone wanna start a house church or live with me in covington? it’s way closer to downtown cincinnati than norwood is…

i have this tremendous anti-suburbs bias ingrained in me. but covington really isn’t a suburb. and i also have this anti-living-in-kentucky vibe going on. when it comes down to it, though, i was born in kentucky, and my entire family is from there…

we’ll see what develops. but, seriously, anyone wanna live with me?


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