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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

106908554156115416 November 17, 2003

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it’s monday morning, and life is good. this weekend was full of people and inspiration and rest, things which don’t always come at once. i was able to be a small part of the independent media exposition, put on by my friend steve and xray magazine ( it was so, so good to be with writers and anacrhists, and to be reminded of what i love about writing. it was also good to make some connections with people who may turn into sources of freelancing opportunities…
after the conference, my sister nathalie came to spend the night with me on saturday. she truly is one of my sisters, and it was very therapeutic to sit in our pajamas all morning and make crepes together. nathalie is a genius, and is in her third year of medical school. so even though she lives less than two hours away, it’s a gift any time we can fit in some connecting time together.
then, last night, our home felt social again with a round of “cranium – hoopla!,” an episode of the simpsons, and some good chili. some days i really love my life.


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