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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

106864695313672858 November 12, 2003

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lots on my mind today, and not enough time this morning to write it all down. but here’s my little promise to write at least something more tonight.

church happened again last night, and i get more and more excited every week as we talk about the holy spirit and our experiences and thoughts…nothing too incredibly profound, but as kevin said, we’re scratching the surface of something bigger…(a loose paraphrase, but you can click on his link to the left to see what he really said.) and there was good vulnerability and honesty. it was an odd group of people – a few old/new timers who showed up and brought with them a fresh energy. zoe was in top form, handing out little drawings to everyone during our meeting time and spreading her love around the world. that little girl is going to change the world someday. we also had sweet, sweet music, which we haven’t done for awhile. and steve said something that i’ll be mulling over for a few days: “we can’t understand power until we recognize our powerlessness.”

a few things coming up, in case anyone cares to join me:

1. game night at my house this sunday at 5:30pm. i’m making chili. e-mail me or call if you want to come!

2. the independent media exposition this friday night and all day saturday at media bridges in downtown cincinnati. go to for more info. the above mentioned steve is putting it on, and it’s a great thing packed full of workshops for do-it-yourselfers, including a workshop on blogging! a $5.00 donation is requested, but not required. your’s truly has been tapped to be a part of the “art of the interview” panel discussion. yikes!

3. matt murray and cameron cochran play at the reality tuesday cafe in covington on saturday night.

peace be with you!


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