joyful girl

we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

106791368500888183 November 3, 2003

Filed under: Uncategorized — amyjoyfox @ 9:40 pm

i am 28 today, and it is time to step back into who i was created to be. i am a prophet, an encourager, a healer, a questioner, a dreamer. i have stifled these calls in the past year. now it is time to shake off the dust of apathy and dig into the raw soil of growth. it is time to awake, daughter of zion! it is time to wake up, rise and shine! shine like the light in the midst of darkness. shine like the star we each are in this galaxy of humanity. shine, sisters and brothers! shine and step out to walk on water. you may get wet, but you most certainly won’t drown. shine and shout and dance and sing. sing loud! sing and dance like you are drunk with the spirit. BE drunk with the spirit!


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