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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

106787208940112659 November 3, 2003

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happy, happy birthday to me!! i celebrated by buying myself a soy latte this morning, and “cranium hoopla,” because i really like games, even though i don’t have people come over to play them nearly often enough. hey, gina – wanna have a game night??
my favorite game is “dutch blitz”. it’s a crazy, fast mennonite kind of card game. we played it for hours in india. it’s also one of the few games my family plays together.
togetherness…i keep saying that i want my home to be a center for community, but then i turn around and hole myself up with episodes of “law and order.” (tv kills your brain, by the way.) i have had a few ideas of things i’d like to do in my house. if you’re reading this and live in cincinnati, puhleeze tell me what things sound fun enough to entice you to some time in northside…
1. game night! (COOL games – yahtzee, euchre, dutch blitz, scategories, cranium…)
2. international food/film nights (enchiladas/frida, curry/monsoon wedding, crepes/amelie, etc.)
3. fingerpainting night
4. monthly book club
5. music jam session night (no professional experience required!)
6. salon discussion on various intellectual, psuedo-intellectual, and spiritual topics.

this is the interactive part. tell me what you think!


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