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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

106752665138576212 October 30, 2003

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good morning, dear ones!
i realize that i have a habit of introducing topics in my writing, and then not exploring them as deeply as i could. maybe it has something to do with being “enigmatic,” as angie f. described me. i’ve heard that before, which intrigues me. i like to think that i’m an “open book,” but i guess we all have our own secrets and mysteries…really, though, i’m not always terribly deep. today, for instance, i’m wondering if their are any groovy halloween parties on friday night that i can go to. i have the best costume, and simply need a place to wear it! i am going to a vampire party on saturday, which will be lovely. my friend karen is opening her new photgraphy studio, and is having a big bash to celebrate. she’s even offering vampire portraits for $4.00! i love having creative friends!
creativity is a big topic in my recent thinking patterns. i have so many friends who are really, really good at their music or painting or writing, that it’s easy for me to just let those more creative parts of myself sleep in order to appreciate the work of my friends. but in the process, i start spending my time doing other, less substantial things – like watching waaay too much television – instead of creating beauty myself. how does one get into the habit of creating? i really do believe that we are created in God’s image, and God is the ultimate creator, so doesn’t it logically follow that there is a bit of creator in each of us, and we should be using it? then again, what is creativity? i can be creative in my relationships, or in the way i provide therapy to my families, right?

do y’all think that blogs lend themselves to becoming expressions of self-absorption?


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