joyful girl

we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

106700548176581066 October 24, 2003

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elliott smith is gone. they think he committed suicide. newby and allison are getting married tomorrow. death and resurrection. the old and the new. it’s a sad, lovely world…”what a beautiful piece of heartache…”

it’s almost november. it was about this time a few years ago that my friend rob died, also thought to be suicide. he wrote aching, beautiful, melancholy songs, too. and he loved jesus. so, what failed?

are we failing our brothers and sisters? are we failing our children? there is so much hurt around us, so many wounded children in need of re-parenting by the father. i’ve been learning a lot lately about “authentic child” theory, and the need to re-parent the precious child that is hiding behind the wounded child in each of us, to walk with that child. it kind of relates to theophostic healing and prayer, too – the idea of jesus re-entering that wounded childhood and walking through it with us, healing along the way. because no matter how balanced we are, or how much we are loved by those around us, the wounds still exist.

jesus, come walk with us. teach us to walk with each other. show us the child in our brother.


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