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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

106653890417024069 October 19, 2003

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it’s half past midnight on sunday morning, and i just got back from an evening of chai and crepes with my friends jill and jona, who were in bombay with me two years ago. this week has been one of reclaiming the community in my life. i’ve been a bit of a basket case lately, but i’m suddenly realizing the truth that i have known for years, but not always lived in – we are not alone! i can feel crazy and sad and thrilled all at once, and there are people to share that with me.
i’ve been thinking about the concepts of reclaiming and identity and calling all week…my friends amy and derek wrote about the necessity of knowing your identity before calling on their blog today. (see their link in the sidebar.) what is calling, really? is it a very sepcific “call” to a geographic place or career? or is it a call to a general way of living in your gifts? or does that change depending on who you are? do i decide if i should move back to india someday based on whether or not i feel a strong “call” to be there? or is it enough to know that my calling lies in journeying with those who have been abused, the place being nonessential? do i have to hear a clear “word” from God before moving to columbus with my chosen family tawd and sharon, or do i just act in confidence that my calling is to surround myself with community?? (**IMPORTANT NOTE: this is just an example, it does not mean that i’m making any plans to move to columbus!)

so, those are my questions tonight. in the meantime, i wish lots of homemade chai with friends for all of you…

sweet dreams.


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