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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

106555421805648736 October 7, 2003

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it’s coffee break time. i have thoughts of family dynamics, therapeutic interventions, and india floating around in my head. for those of you who don’t know, i’m a licensed social worker and a “family preservation therapist.” i think of my job as being sort of like an emergency room doctor – when families are at risk of having children removed, i provide very intensive, short-term services. i also work a little less intensely with families who have recently been reunified. after several years of working for the state as a protective services worker, the chance to actually jump in and do serious therapeutic work is amazing – sometimes, though, it’s hard to make the internal shift from case management to therapy…anyway, the families i’m working with right now are a lot of fun, and they remind me of how all of us are our own form of dysfunctional…

india…two years ago, i was living in bombay. some days it seems every little thing is a reminder. it’s a place that gets into your blood, even if you’re not sure you want it to. speaking of india, i highly recommend the movies “bend it like beckham” and “monsoon wedding”…as much as they may seem to feed into cultural stereotypes, they really do a pretty honest job of representing indian life, at least based on my urban indian experience.

coffee break is over.


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